A beautiful Slow Wedding style at the old Rega Mill situated in North-West Poland.
We like filming in such locations! Karolina and Patryk trusted us and let their crazy site took over control, it turned out as quite unconventional and very much in the style of Rec and Roll Wedings video. For us it was a fantastic time full of good fun, plenty of life and death situations – ok, here we slightly went out of proportion, however bathing in mountain streams does not appear to be relaxing part of the day.
We share now with you this video, kept in the climate of mystery and affirmation of beautiful mountain nature. Enjoy!
Awesome Weddings For Awesome People ! Please see our latest film which was recorded in Rome.
We are unveiling the secret and invite you to watch the intro of Tyśka and Dominik film. It was pure madness and we let ourselves be carried away by the atmosphere. Rock & Roll rules !!!
Celtic atmosphere around us 🙂 It was pure madness, many amazing places in such a short time! we managed it!
R E C A N D R O L L WEDDINGS creates amazing wedding films for amazing people!
Every one of us has a story to tell. With Olga and Wojciech we knew it has to be extraordinary. Laugh, tears – we got the full package and time was flying through this special day. It was an emotional roller coaster taking us through their life. Life full of challenges, twist and turns. It took us some time to find the right location to represent their passion for life, focus on goal, unconditional love and trust they share. It could only be one place – mountains.
What we love about our job is the possibility of meeting people, who inspire us and others. When we met Eliza for the first time, we felt that there is something special about her and Lukas. Those two love extreme sports, dance and are extremely energetic. We couldn’t wait to start working with them. For some time Eliza & Lukas were part of our lives as we had started filming bit earlier than usual. We had privilege to participate at the garden party that was thrown before the big day for the family. What a fantastic idea! Our journey took us later on to very romantic church located in village of Western Poland. On our way to the reception, the Bide & the Groom were welcomed by motorcyclist who prepared a little show that not only guests could enjoy with but also local community. And it was only the beginning… As wedding reporters, we could not wish for more. Choosing the location and theme of the videoclip wasn’t tough, Eliza knew it since ever. “We are going to the seaside and we will be horse riding”. Could it get any better?!
When well-known and talented wedding photographer asks you to film his wedding, you are exited…. and scared. Of course we were more than happy to take this challenge. What is great about our job, is that we are getting possibility to observe people fulfilled with love and hapiness. When we met Radek for the first time we perceived him as a person with a great sense of humor, who has a smile on his face all the time.  But on the wedding day, from the very first minute, you could see, that what he is absolutely serious about, is this commitment. Emotions accompanied us through the whole day, the Bride with a perfect dress, the Groom at his finest, the family and friends who enjoyed the day. Everything was perfect, just as you would expect.
When Julia and Daniel approached us, they asked for a short video that could be filmed before wedding and played during the reception, as a symbol of their love and engagement. They wanted to say „thank you” to those they love and show others who they really are. And they are bold, full of love and they are support for each other with a great respect to live. Their story motivated us,  has shown that you cannot give up, that it is important to keep moving forward. Their love is their motivation that makes dreams come true. And what is your motivation?